3.5 – 4.5 Class

Welcome to The Normandy Park Preschool Page for the 3 1/2 yr. – 4 1/2 yr. class!

This class meets Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00am to 11:30am.

In this class we have a fun filled school year providing lots of hands-on learning!

The classroom is prepared with different learning centers. Each learning center is equipped with specific materials to enhance learning and develop skills.

Content areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Arts are part of our daily structure. Using the curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, we prepare our students for Pre-K and work towards Kindergarten Readiness.

Our class attends Field Trips throughout the year to enhance the learning experience. Field trips include a visit to the Farm, The Children’s Museum, Pacific Science Center and more! We also have exciting outreach programs planned that include visits from the Seattle Aquarium and the Science Center where they are able to come into our classroom and teach exciting lessons. The Children love this!

Each week we have a theme that we base our lessons on. Some of these themes include Emotions, Farm, Nocturnal Animals, Shapes, Forest Animals, Festival Of Lights, Arctic Animals, Dinosaurs, Community Helpers, Dr. Seuss, Space, Pets, Insects & Bugs, African Animals, Ocean and many more!

We plan fun days and events like Pajama Day, Bike Day, a Halloween Carnival, Space Camp, Mother’s Day Tea and Field Day!

The children also take turns bringing the “Mystery Backpack”! This is when they get to bring one thing from home to share in front of the class. Another Favorite!

These are just some of the specifics about this class. Please feel free to read through the Student Handbook to read more about our wonderful program here at Normandy Park Preschool.