Board Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Agendas handed out.

Financial Committee meeting at City Chambers – 6pm, February 7th

Budget update: $9,725.79 balance

Auction raised: $2,455

Spring fundraiser (yes/no/maybe) – Kelly is going to request the brochures for the bulbs

Expenses: $1,300

Website, water, pumpkins, teacher training, suitcases for emergency supplies, and camera

Potential expenses:

Mother’s Day tea, water, outreach (pacific science center)

End the year with around $9,000


Mike Speaks on Report

The price increases were to cover expenses of preschool, according to City Council Members.  They have given varying answers as to the cost of preschool. Seems like they want to get rid of the preschool?

They city is not allowed by WA state law to collect more fees then it costs to run the school.

Should we move this into the MPD (metropolitan park district)? Should the association help with the costs?

We need to come up with our own estimates.

The group went through the cost analysis from report (link to report).

Important: Tuesday, March 28th 7pm city council meeting re: preschool

At least 4 families who are going elsewhere because of rate increases.

Parents should attend finance meeting.

All the businesses in the area who support Pre-K, should be made aware of this issue.

Results of survey – communication is better, emails not being received by some, auction is good. Location of auction is too small.

Upcoming Events

Mother’s Day tea

Field Day

Root Beer Floats


Mid-Year Survey


We would love some feedback on how the year is going. Specifically we are hoping to get some information about the fall auction and how communication to the parents has been this year. It should only take a few minutes to complete.

You can find the survey here.

Thanks so much!

Secretary Notes from September 28 Meeting

Parents of Normandy Park Preschool

Fall meeting, September 28, 2016 Minutes

Begin 7:05pm: Introductions


Discussion on spending money from last year: Current Balance $8,362.31

  • Preschool experience? Ideas include: Pacific Science Center – Sound Bridge at Benaroya Hall, science at Mercer Slough, or both of those options come to the preschool; The Makery- Traveling party, craft, etc.; “Not it’s” Band; Seahurst Park- Toddler Time on Wednesday’s; Drop the 2’s class off at the cove for field trip. Not walk down from the school.; Coding/Bee Bots. Possibly from the museum of flight.;
  • Updated dramatic play area? Possible rebuild for future. Possibly Eric Andersen could do it.
  • New puzzles and games? Basic Computer Coding game/machine
  • Other ideas? New Radio, Computer for teachers, WiFi
  • Tuition Assistance is still available if needed.
  • Law Enforcement/Fire outreach/class.- Class could then make a mural/thank you.

Discussion on auction (Friday, November 18th, 6pm)

  • Procurement help; Getting the items and the organizing the actual event. Who can do this aspect? Any volunteers?
  • Food ideas; Azteca Platters- Taco Bar. Caterer. BBQ. Pizza’s. – Catered/Pre-Made. Is the consensus.
  • Sell wine and beer?  Have to get a license to resell. Can we sell wine at the event? Consensus says yes.
  • Other ideas or input: Parents bring a bottle of wine for Instant Wine Cellar. Bundles/baskets of stuff- movie TIX, gift cards, etc. making a basket. Seahawks bundle, sports tickets, etc. Coffee, chocolate, crafts, kids books, etc. Class ideas.
  • Class basket. Sports team(s). Sounders, Mariners, Seahawks. Parents will look into getting TIX from businesses and other related items
  • Seahawks- 2.5/3.5’s
  • Sounders- 3.5/4.5’s
  • Mariners- pre-K
  • Can the kids make a craft/fire ceramic, etc. Maybe 2 per class.
  • Can we add entertainment for kids? Magician, Balloon Animals, Band, etc.
  • Raffle. Let’s do it again. 50/50 raffle. Blink button raffle.
  • Class Pet/Stuffed Animal? Win for the weekend!
  • If a business donates, they should be allowed to attend- possibly
  • Extended family and friends can come but they have to buy a ticket.
  • The class with the most parents get involved, they get an ice cream party.

Communication and Misc Notes:

We need to get the word out to more parents! How can we get more parents to attend the PTA meeting? We should send out a reminder email a few days in advance regarding the PTA meetings.

Could we have a Facebook page for each class? Possibly private groups/pages? Can we set up a parent list/get access to a parent list? Perhaps get one parent from each class to sign up for the group, so that parents have notifications in the FB group. We also need to get the word out about the website/FB pages. Some parents did not realize that the site has been updated.

BLOOMZ App possibility. Someone uses that. Could be looked in to.

We need to link the NPPS website to the FB page! If it hasn’t already been done.

Add the field trip calendar to the website.

Remind parents to pay the field trip money!

Email list and other communication thoughts (class facebook pages?)

Parent Volunteers to organize FB Page for individual classes

2 yr olds – Sharlie

3 ½ yr olds- Annie (Vice Pres) and Natalie -15 kids in the class

Pre K- 17 kids in the class- Kelly, plus one other – Still looking for a volunteer

A lot is being worked on. Stay tuned. Filter so that only the admin can approve posts. Filter so that only the parents of students have access to the groups. Must be checked with group leader. Only approved pictures.


Announcements for the 2016-2017 School Year

The preschool parents association exists primarily to support the preschool’s programs, activities, and education opportunities.

One goal of our association is to raise funds, which allows the preschool to continue to provide quality education to children of our community while keeping tuition costs lower than those around us. We also can assist families with tuition costs, on a short-term basis, when needed due to unforeseen job loss or medical need.

Another goal of our association is to enhance communication between the parents and the school. Our new website is used to share upcoming events as well as provide a space where teachers can communicate what’s happening in the classroom. Please visit our website and let us know what you would like to see added.


We have two major fundraisers planned for this school year: our auction party in the fall and a bulb sale in the spring. We do depend on all of our parents’ support for these fundraisers and appreciate your participation.

Our auction party will be held this year on Friday, November 18th from 6-8:30pm. Mark your calendars now for a fun-filled evening including dinner and lots of great silent auction items to bid on. It is a great time to get together with other preschool families and community members before the busy holiday season begins.

The spring bulb sale will run in March and includes many annual and perennial flowers and more to plant and enjoy all summer long. We will be sending out more information about this fundraiser closer to the event.

Social Activities

We are planning to host a couple of nights where we can get together and socialize. Our first night this fall will be Friday, September 23rd, 6:30-8pm here at the school. Nothing is required except for you to show up and enjoy ice cream and good company.

Upcoming Meetings

Our first parent meeting will be Wednesday, September 28th, 7pm in the school classroom. In this first meeting we will discuss our needs for this year, fundraisers, social activities, and deciding how to use the money we raised last year. We would love to hear what we as parents want and need for our kids this year. We are also happy to use this time to answer any questions new (or returning!) parents might have about the school. Kids are always welcome at the meeting so don’t let that deter you from coming.

Additional meetings will be held throughout the year as needed. Notifications for the meetings will be given via email and our website.

Member Information

All parents and caregivers are part of the association. We hope that you will be able to participate in our meetings, social events, and fundraisers throughout the year. If you can’t make a meeting but have ideas please let one of the board members or teachers know. Our general email is [email protected] Please add that to your address book so you can receive our emails directly in your inbox.

2016-2017 Board Contact Information

Kelly Steffen – President

[email protected]


Mom to Cora, Pre-K class


Annie Carlson – Vice-President

[email protected]


Mom to Kieran, 3.5 class


Georgia Davenport – Secretary

[email protected]


Mom to Savannah, Pre-K class


Rhiannon Heinsohn – Treasurer

[email protected]


Mom to Falyn, 3.5 class

Important Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 23rd, 6:30-8pm: Ice Cream Social

Wednesday, September 28th, 7pm: First parents meeting

Friday, November 18th, 6-8:30pm: Fall Auction Party

Welcome Message for 2016/2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the City of Normandy Park Preschool program! We hope you and your children are having a wonderful break! We are anticipating a wonderful 2016-17 school year and with that in mind, we have some very important information for you.

TUITION: Tuition for the first month is due on or before August 5, 2016. If tuition is not received by this date, we will assume you’re no longer interested in your child/children attending our preschool and we will begin contacting families on our wait-list.

CLASS                                                       TUITION FEE

_2.5 – 3.5 class Wed. & Fri.                             $155.00 per month

_3.5 – 4.5 class Mon., Tues., & Thurs.           $195.00 per month

_Pre-K class Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thurs.      $227.00 per month

ORIENTATION: At this meeting you will meet your child’s teacher, receive the parent handbook, and have a chance to meet the other preschool families. Both meetings will be held in the Council Chambers inside City Hall.

  • Tuesday August 30th             10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday August 31st 6:30 – 8:30 pm (childcare not provided at this session)

1st Day of School:

  • Wednesday September 7th for all students in the Pre-K class
  • Thursday September 8th for all students in the 3.5-4.5 class

Students in the 2.5-3.5 class will have a ‘slow start’, bringing in ½ of the students on one day, the other half on the other day. For our 2’s families, we have highlighted the date below your child is scheduled to start.

  • Friday September 9th for ½ of the students in the 2.5-3.5 class
  • Wednesday September 14th for other ½ of the students in the 2.5-3.5 class

We are honored you’ve chosen the City of Normandy Park Preschool and we look forward to meeting each of you! If you have additional questions, please contact City Hall at 206-248-7603.


City of Normandy Park Preschool Team

Secretary Notes from May Meeting

  • Ice Cream Social
    • Beginning of school year (October, 2 weeks after school starts)
  • Orientation date the 6th or 7th?

New school board:

Kelly – President

Georgia – Secretary

Rhiannon – Treasurer

Annie – Vice President


All new members of the Board need to have their names added to the bank account.


Auction party needs to be scheduled in the fall. Contact Stacy at the Cove to book a date ASAP. Possibly 11/18/2016.


Dad’s Pumpkin carving/painting night (Duane’s Garden Patch)

Everyone agreed that parent’s giving some money instead of supplies is far easier.

The domain name and the website is paid for. Emails will go out from the schools email address.

Notifications for snow days can be put on there.

We need to have a meeting to train teachers on how to use the site.

Treasurers report.

Checking with teachers about possible expenses for next year supplies, dramatic play area, etc.

Spring Fundraiser – Still bulbs

Parent’s Association – Bulletin Board to post for volunteers

Mothers tea – expense for pastries etc

Field day 6/9 Parents association will pick up the bill as an appreciation for the support throughout the year