Board Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Agendas handed out.

Financial Committee meeting at City Chambers – 6pm, February 7th

Budget update: $9,725.79 balance

Auction raised: $2,455

Spring fundraiser (yes/no/maybe) – Kelly is going to request the brochures for the bulbs

Expenses: $1,300

Website, water, pumpkins, teacher training, suitcases for emergency supplies, and camera

Potential expenses:

Mother’s Day tea, water, outreach (pacific science center)

End the year with around $9,000


Mike Speaks on Report

The price increases were to cover expenses of preschool, according to City Council Members.  They have given varying answers as to the cost of preschool. Seems like they want to get rid of the preschool?

They city is not allowed by WA state law to collect more fees then it costs to run the school.

Should we move this into the MPD (metropolitan park district)? Should the association help with the costs?

We need to come up with our own estimates.

The group went through the cost analysis from report (link to report).

Important: Tuesday, March 28th 7pm city council meeting re: preschool

At least 4 families who are going elsewhere because of rate increases.

Parents should attend finance meeting.

All the businesses in the area who support Pre-K, should be made aware of this issue.

Results of survey – communication is better, emails not being received by some, auction is good. Location of auction is too small.

Upcoming Events

Mother’s Day tea

Field Day

Root Beer Floats