Parent Meeting 11/8/17

Parent Meeting 11/8/2017

Attendance: Annie, Rhiannon, Hillary, Sharlie, Mike(city manager) Jennifer(city finance director) various members of the financial committee and city council.

City address fees/terms: Fees/tuiotion will be raised as exactly the amount set for the previous year and non resident fees will not apply for the 2018/2019 school year as decided by city council last year. City did mention there will be annual increases for there forward in the amounts fluctuating anywhere from 2% to 10% depending on budget and CPLW statistics for the year.

City council warned that some of them would like to re-address the resident and non-resident fees at the next council meeting, although They guaranteed resident/non resident fees would not happen this school year, but said all community programs (preschool included) will incur a nonresident fee starting in January 2018 (which means the preschool will have something small starting in the 2018-19 school year).  However, the council wants to propose a bigger non resident fee for next school year. Council member Sipes-Marvin giving the parents a warning not to be surprised if this is brought up again.

Multiple parents brought up the concern of lower enrollment number year after year if rates continue to increase above other preschools in the area. This is the first year on record that our classes are not full.  Our 2’s class currently has 4 openings and the 4’s class has 3 openings.


Use the Nextdoor App to procure auction items.  Advertise the actual auction on Nextdoor app. Need our Square account link.  Pre-Sale cut off Nov 27th.

What time can we get into the Cove?

Food: Pizza, Pasta, Salad, Antipasta Plater as a dietary alternative. Fruit and veggie platter.

Too much time in between closing times on the different auction items last year. Try to shorten times between closing auction tables this year.

Communication is going well through FB, most parents seem happy about the communication as we haven’t heard otherwise.  FB groups have helped open up communication.

City Council meeting Tuesday November 14th @7pm, need as many parents to be there as possible.  We have to show support that we want the school open!