Parent Meeting 8/14/2017

Summer Board Meeting


Attendance: Annie Carlson-President

Rhiannon Henisohn-Tresurer

Sharlie Andersen-Secretary

Hillary Britt-Vice President

Budget Report: Total currently in savings: $4,804.20

Total currently in checking $2,793.98

Purchased new play house from CedarWorks for $1,020.00

Purchased new kitchen set for playhouse, cost(TBD, upon receipt)

Up Coming Events: 

1. Orientation: Date: 8/30/17 @ 9:00am no child care.  Need to do a procurement letter & sign up sheets

2. Ice Cream Social: September 16th @6pm-USBorn books fundraiser 6-7pm Invite City Council to the Ice Cream Social.

Reserve room 6-8pm Parent meeting 6:30pm

Menu: Ice Cream, Root beer floats, spoons, cups, Sprinkles ,etc…

First Parent meeting 7-8pm, have sign up sheet for auction-procurement

3. Auction Date: potentially November 30th? Cove @ no charge? Catered. Catering ideas, Azteca,  Food truck.

Pumpkin Patch field trip: October 10th Carpinito Brothers

Dad’s Carving day/night: October 24th(teacher hosted) 6pm @ school Pumpkins provided (4’s & PreK)

Mother’s Day Tea  May 10th, during school hours (teacher hosted, sponsored by Parent’s association

Fundraisers: Bulb sale-Spring

wreath sale-each class to decorate a themed wreath for auction(like the baskets from last year)

Up coming city meetings:

City council meetings are the second AND fourth tuesday of every month at 7pm

Parks meetings are the third wednesday of the month at 7pm

September 20th parks meeting

October 18th parks meeting

November 14th City council meeting

Change FB groups names. Will need a new FB admin for 2’s & 3’s FB group.

*Need new vacuum for classroom

Amanda Lyon(city)-new blinds

South Sound Nature School- Outreach