Parent Meeting 9/11/2017

Meeting minutes for 9.11.2017 7:00pm

Present: Annie Carlson, Rhiannon, Hillary and Sharlie

Auction time: 6-8:30

Food:  Pizzas for kids, lasagna/pasta and salads gluten free pasta w/ red sauce as an alternative. Salads from Tutabella. Cookies/brownies from Costco

Beverage: Boxed juice, soda and juice from Costco, Wine/Beer from Bevmo,

Dinnerware: Plates/bowls, silverware and napkins from Costco

Ticket prices: $7 for adults, $5 for kids Door price $12adults $8kids

Ticket sales NOVEMBER 1st

Cove set up: Black tablecloths-rent vs paper

Cleaning fee details? Price out renting black table cloths-Sharlie

Entertainment: Puppet show and/or coloring table w/ butcher paper.

Field trip review: Thumbs down for Carpenito brothers, back to Thomasville Farms next year. More activities, better organized and kids got to pick their pumpkins from the field.

Class Action items: 2’s-growth chart(Annie), 3’s-Seahawks sign(Rhiannon), PreK-Coat wrack.

Class Baskets:  3’s/4’s class: Movie/Family Night

2’s/3’s: Rainy Day Basket/Craft Basket

Pre-K: Baking basket

Basket Ideas

*PreK-Baking basket: Sprinkles, muffin liners, kids baking book, apron, frosting bag/tip. muffin tin, frosting, chocolate chips, baking mixes (brownie/cake)

*3’s-4’s: Family night-board games, dvd’s, cozy blanket, popcorn, hot chocolate, cozy socks, stuffy, card games,

*2’s-3’s: Rainy day Craft: Sticker books, color books, crayons, craft project/stuff to paint, stamps, scissors, construction paper, big beads,

Thank you card and photo of kids w/tax letter for all who have donated.

Hillary to make a digital doc list of who has donated.

Dad’s Pumpkin Night: Location here in the Community room

Annie: Order pumpkins, pumpkin drop off at school on October 19th so they’re here for go home. 40 pumpkins.

Teacher requests: Reading station for classroom-Pillows/bean bag chairs and a couple new cars for indoor recess.

Plan for reducing field trip cost for next year.

Meeting over 8:15pm