Secretary Notes from May Meeting

  • Ice Cream Social
    • Beginning of school year (October, 2 weeks after school starts)
  • Orientation date the 6th or 7th?

New school board:

Kelly – President

Georgia – Secretary

Rhiannon – Treasurer

Annie – Vice President


All new members of the Board need to have their names added to the bank account.


Auction party needs to be scheduled in the fall. Contact Stacy at the Cove to book a date ASAP. Possibly 11/18/2016.


Dad’s Pumpkin carving/painting night (Duane’s Garden Patch)

Everyone agreed that parent’s giving some money instead of supplies is far easier.

The domain name and the website is paid for. Emails will go out from the schools email address.

Notifications for snow days can be put on there.

We need to have a meeting to train teachers on how to use the site.

Treasurers report.

Checking with teachers about possible expenses for next year supplies, dramatic play area, etc.

Spring Fundraiser – Still bulbs

Parent’s Association – Bulletin Board to post for volunteers

Mothers tea – expense for pastries etc

Field day 6/9 Parents association will pick up the bill as an appreciation for the support throughout the year